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8K resolution. Can the Filmmaker’s Hackintosh catch up with U2?

Thousands of people like to bash them, but millions of people absolutely love U2.
Personally, I enjoyed their output from the early to mid nineties, but regardless:
U2 are back, and their new 8K resolution screens are absolutely stunning!
Even watching them on Youtube blows your mind in a way the panicing people who fled from the Lumier Brother’s train must have felt.

This band are still innovating even after almost 40 years in business.

Thanks to the recently released Pascal drivers, Hackintosh computers can now easily handle 4K video, and will soon be able to render the resolutions seen at the Joshua Tree revival tour.

The Filmmaker’s Hackintosh has been updated to include these new range of Graphics cards.

The world is still trying to catch up with U2.

U2 play in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium on the 12th of July.

Tickets are still available at 207.40 Euro.

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