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Which way should the airflow through my computer?

Hackintosh Berlin PC Tower airflow diagram

Modern computers may be the pinnacle of technology, but poor airflow and overheating can cause your CPU to malfunction or even crack.

The solution to this is a still an old one:
Spinning fans remove warm air from the computer, and replace it with cooler air.

When installing fans on your Hackintosh, it isn’t always obvious which way around they should face.

Should the warm air come out the front, or billow out the top?

Or maybe it should flow in from the top, cooling as it falls?

You need doubt no more.

This pictorial guide channels the wisdom of the ancient ones and carves it in digital stone:

Your fans should draw cool air in through the front of the computer.

The CPU and graphics card will generate and transfer heat to this cool air, which warms and expands.

Your fans on the rear and top of the case will now guide this hot air out of the case, maintaining a CPU temperature of about 50 to 55 degrees Celcius.


Feel free to refer to this diagram when you are building or upgrading your Hackintosh or PC tower, and don’t forget to like Hackintosh Berlin on Facebook.

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