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Sell My Computer Berlin is here!

Our new Facebook Group, Sell your Computer Berlin has arrived!

Sell my Computer Berlin Banner- powered by Hackintosh Berlin

Our new Facebook Group, Sell your Computer Berlin has arrived!

If you want to sell your Macbook Pro, Macbook, Notebook, Netbook, Powerbook, PC, Desktop, Tower then click HERE to join up now.

There are a million and ten buy and sell groups out there on Facebook, but this is the first and only for selling computers.

In most other groups, the listings are swamped.

Furniture, clothes and babyware dominated the offers, and computers are often lost in the shuffle.

This group will gather them all in one place.

Keyboards, mouses, monitors, webcams and all computer accessories are allowed to be sold.

USB controllers, audio interfaces, music software can all be exchanged, sold or bought from others in Berlin, and beyond.

In fact, if you can connect it to a computer, you

You can help promote the group by by sharing your post on your page or in other groups.

If you do this, in return, you will have your post pinned to the top for 24 hours.

The group is still small, so this is a great chance to get some visibility for your post.

Join the group here today, and enjoy selling!



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