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Tired Of This plakatieren Blitz is underway!

Posters with our new ad campaign for Hackintosh Berlin with the Tired Of This slogan, and spinning beach ball of death graphic are circulating throughout Berlin.

The streets of Mitte, Prenzlauerberg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Neukölln are all festooned with our posters.
Since they went live at the start of the month, we have received a tenfold increase in enquiries for Hackintosh computers.
If you have seen one of our ads in the city, please let us know what you think, and send us a picture to our facebook page.

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A Return to Mitte to deliver a new Hackintosh

Panorama of Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte, Berlin

Panorama of Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte, Berlin

So happy to be back in Mitte, one of my favourite zones in Berlin, to deliver new high spec film maker Hackintosh to our friends at 100 Berlin.

Rosenthaler Platz looked beautiful in the sun, and I got to sit at a cafe and make plans for Hackintosh Berlin, and all my other projects.

But first I took this panoramic picture to take in the whole circus!

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Sell My Computer Berlin is here!

Our new Facebook Group, Sell your Computer Berlin has arrived!

Sell my Computer Berlin Banner- powered by Hackintosh Berlin

Our new Facebook Group, Sell your Computer Berlin has arrived!

If you want to sell your Macbook Pro, Macbook, Notebook, Netbook, Powerbook, PC, Desktop, Tower then click HERE to join up now.

There are a million and ten buy and sell groups out there on Facebook, but this is the first and only for selling computers.

In most other groups, the listings are swamped.

Furniture, clothes and babyware dominated the offers, and computers are often lost in the shuffle.

This group will gather them all in one place.

Keyboards, mouses, monitors, webcams and all computer accessories are allowed to be sold.

USB controllers, audio interfaces, music software can all be exchanged, sold or bought from others in Berlin, and beyond.

In fact, if you can connect it to a computer, you

You can help promote the group by by sharing your post on your page or in other groups.

If you do this, in return, you will have your post pinned to the top for 24 hours.

The group is still small, so this is a great chance to get some visibility for your post.

Join the group here today, and enjoy selling!



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High Sierra is here! (Now what?)


Hackintosh Berlin High Sierra Banner

MacOS version 13, codenamed High Sierra arrived this week. While a lot of people were panicing about the new firmware validation features and Apple’s new APFS disk format, for many the new changes were just dust wiped off their shoulders.

Reinstalling a new version of OSX, which is now called macOS, is a risky proposition, whether on a Hackintosh, or on an Apple computer.

OS updates have been known to slow computers down,  or break some features entirely.

Needless to say the Hackintosh community has already been working hard throughout the summer, analysing this new build. but even this disparate group of Hackermen and Hackerwomen have still not installed High Sierra on their main computers.

As the name suggests, High Sierra is merely an update of last years OS, Sierra. It tweaks some features, adds a new desktop picture, and introduces some of Apple’s more radical plans which will be developed in years to come.

However if you are happy with your set up , all of your programmes are updated and running smoothly, then either sit this one out, or wait for a few incremental updates before updating.

As the OS matures we will learn more about it’s idiosyncrasies and how to implement them.

For now  just take a deep breath, clear your mind and be patient while we wait and see how this update shapes itself.

In the meantime, follow these steps to ensure your computer doen’t try to update itself to High Sierra before you are ready:

  1. Press the Apple Key and shift, then type “System preferences” and press Enter.
  2. When the System Preferences app opens, select the App Store icon.
  3. Look for the checkbox that says “Automatically Check for Updates”.
  4. Uncheck this box, then close System Preferences.

New OS updates are always exciting, but they can be a challenge for Hackintosh users to install. It is important that these updates are not automated and carried out before you are ready to decide for yourself what should happen on your computer.

Check back at for the latest updates on macOS High Sierra!