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If your Macbook Pro or Air is kaputt, and you are unimpressed with Apple’s incredibly expensive, low storage offerings, then perhaps it is time to consider something similar, but very different for your next workstation.

Presenting the Thinkpad X220, the super designed business laptop, which I have retooled to run MacOS High Sierra.

Ableton Live, Photoshop, Chrome, Netflix, Spotify and all the rest run flawlessly on this red dotted tractor-with-the-engine-of-a-ferrari.

This Lenovo x220 has a slim build, very bouncy and responsive keyboard and the Thinkpad’s unique “Red Dot” controller for moving the mouse.

Specs are solid: i5 CPU, 8GB RAM and a monstrous 1TB SSD drive.

WLAN runs from a USB Dongle, plus Ethernet and audio out work built in. Bluetooth can be added via USB .

Ableton Live, Logic, Protools and any other modern DAW will function just fine on this laptop, as well as Photoshop, Illustrator and most graphics editors.
Premier Pro and Final Cut will also purr on it’s 512MB GPU.

This is the perfect machine to replace your slowed down Macbook or Macbook Air and should prove to be a workhorse for the next 5 to ten years without complaint.

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