Hackintosh Berlin: Optimized….for Berlin.

If only your Mac was a bit faster.
If only it had more hard-drive space.
If only it was as fast as it was 5 years ago…

Many of us have considered building a Hackintosh to improve our music studios, or editing suites.
A search brings us dozens of websites overloaded with information, shopping lists and technical information.
On this Everest-expedition, we will pass those poor souls who froze solid half way up, as they sit waiting, forever.

For most of us this is the point where we turn back to base.

Too risky and too time-consuming.
Just too much trouble, so we spend 3000 euro on a new iMac which will punt the beach-ball back into the surf for another year or two……
Until it washes ashore and we begin all over again.

Hackintosh Berlin is here to help.
I have been building Hackintosh computers for over five years.
On this site I have gathered parts lists for three different Hackintoshes, each optimised for music production, film editing and image creation.

These are all based on computers I have built myself, and have been tested and confirmed to run the latest version of OSX.

Click through the links to buy the parts. You can then build your machine yourself, or if you don’t have the time, arrange for me to complete the project for you.

Check out the parts lists, read the specifications, and feel free to compare the cost of purchasing the same build from Apple‘s official website.

For advice, pricing or to arrange a demo, just send an email with your desires: